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tel : 01 48 04 31 92


Voici les differents formules que nous pouvons vous proposer.
Nous vous apporterons des conseils sur les différentes étapes
de la conception et de l’organisation de la prestation.
N’hésitez pas à nous contactez pour tout renseignement.

Student office elections.

Your campaigning to get elected at your student office. Other candidates are facing you, what to do in order to win? Why not call a team of breakdancers that we will defend your campaign by performing an energy packed show! And if by chance the other campaign teams have other breakdancers….
the battle will be on !

Student night or day theme.

Your in charge of events at your student office, you organize several events throughout the year, student night or day theme like « urban culture », contact our team to take care of your animations.

Regular classes.

You wish to propose regular classes in your school establishment, we offer a panel of well qualified teachers that can adapt to all age group and to all styles of hip hop.

Hip Hop initiation workshop.

Your a schoolchildren structure, you wish to organize regular workshops during the school holidays or just a one time initiation for children to discover the hip hop culture. Then contact us!

Notre équipe s’adapte à toutes vos demandes ou inspirations, n’hésitez pas à nous soumettre vos idées


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